TWITCH Hoodrich

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Get an inside look at the life of FMX rider Jeremy "TWITCH" Stenberg. As you travel with Jeremy, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the reckless, punk, motocross kid from east county San Diego, who makes it to the top of Freestyle Motocross. Diagnosed with Tourete's Syndrome at an early age, Twitch sought refuge in his dirt bike and the sport of Freestyle Motocross. Adopted by the Metal Mulisha, his partying ways overshadowed his riding. The birth of his daughter becomes a turning point; his desire to be the best turns focus back to the bike and his talent takes over. This is TWITCH: his gold medal triumphs, the money, the setbacks of injuries, the crazy antics, the partying, and free-riding with his friends... The rise of a kid from the hood to a rich kid from the hood. Approximate run time 55 minutes.