The Roof of Africa

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Having incurred the wrath of Shaka Zulu, the Basotho people fled to the vastness of the Maluti Mountains, where even Shaka's Impis failed in their attempted to follow them over the plateau of over 3000 meters. Fast forward to 2009 where this region has become legend as one of the toughest endurance races worldwide that covers 500 kilometers over the course of three days. The world’s best heed the call each November to make their name at The Roof of Africa extreme enduro race. For over 40 years, this race has been in existence and hundreds of riders arrive in hopes of including this exclusive trophy to their cases. This year, Chris Birch arrives coming off of a huge 2008 season. He will be challenged by local favorites and Roof of Africa winners, Darryl Curtis and Louwrence Mahoney. If you are a fan of our other "extreme enduro" races, then this one is for your collection!! Produced by Throttle Entertainment Running Time: 60 minutes English / Stereo 2009 -DVD ALL REGIONS