OffRoad with Nathan Woods

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Nathan Woods will take you through techniques on starts, cornering, high speed strategies, woods, logs, water crossings, bike prep, set up and more. Woods has raced all aspects of disciplines from Arenacross, Motocross, Supercross and now Off-road. Nathan is a two time National WORCS Pro Champion, ISDE American and has proven his ability and drive that has carried him to where he is today. A Factory off-roader by day, father and husband by night, "Woody" has became a household name and is recognized as one of the true elite off-road champions of today. You will follow Nathan through the back hills of the beautiful central coast terrain, WORCS races, and hidden riding areas, only Nathan will let you into. So sit back, strap in and break out the notebook, because school is about to start and "Woody" is the professor of this class.