One Chance To Win

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The 1975 AMA 500cc National Championship Series will go down in the history of motocross as one of the most exciting and controversial in the sport’s history. A young filmmaker named Charles Bush decided to follow the series that year with his crew to make a documentary film about motocross. With only five races in the series that year, there was little room for error. It would all come down to the last race in New Orleans on a hot, humid day in September 1975. Any one of six professional riders had a chance at winning the #1 plate that day...and the cameras were rolling. The stage was set for another “Battle of New Orleans” and this one would be like no other. Jimmy Weinert, Steve Stackable, Pierre Karsmakers, Billy Grossi, Kent Howerton, and Brad Lackey all had a chance at the title but only one would be victorious. American motocrossers were ready to show the Europeans that they were at their level and Pierre Karsmakers was the only foreigner competing in the series. On top of that Brad Lackey had just returned home from MX battles in Europe with his solo representation of the US and had his own score to settle. Mr. Bush’s beautiful film was completed in 1976 and ready to release to the public. Unfortunately, the distribution company he signed on with went out of business and the film was never widely released...until now. The Producers of the hit TV series The Motocross Files have uncovered this rare film and restored it from the only 35mm print in existence and transferred it to high-definition. Includes 48-minute bonus documentary Behind the Battle-The Making of One Chance To Win with behind the scenes of the series itself by the people who were there. Interviews with Director and Producer Charles Bush, Jimmy Weinert, Bill Buchka, Brad Lackey, Pierre Karsmakers, Roy Turner, Dave Arnold, Steve Stackable, Bevo Forte, Keith McCarty, Jody Weisel, and Bob Hannah. • Original movie 'One Chance to Win' • Special documentary 'Behind the Battle-The Making of One Chance to Win' • Movie Trailer • Special preview of all twelve episodes of 'The Motocross Files' • Over 142 minutes of motocross content!